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Cement Board Felt

Cement board felt is designed for the production of cement board. Through painstaking research after years, based on the advanced technology and experience, the company has developed a new generation of products, it has good reputation because of its unique properties,its characteristics are as follows:
Cement board felt has three major roles:forming, filter and transport in the cement board or tile production line;
Cement board felt is made of multilayer structure monofilament mesh bottom and 100%nylon fiber, is a harmless security products;
Cement board felt has the characteristics of uniform texture, good surface, good permeability, good filterability, stable size, stable operation and long life;
Common Specifications:
Width Range:1.2~2.5m;
Length Range:8.0~50.0m;
Weight Range:1400~1700g/㎡;
Cement board felt technical indicators:
The tensile breaking strength:6000~10000N/CM
The tensile deformation rate:length deformation<2%
Width deformation<2%
The permeability(filtration performance):1000~1200MM/S(200Pa)
PH value:6~11

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